I know what you’re thinking. Fidget toys are so popular, they must have been invented by some big company with a team of scientists and engineers. But the truth is, the fidget spinner was invented by a single mom named Catherine Hettinger.

Catherine was a chemical engineer by training, but she also had a daughter with ADHD. Her daughter had a hard time sitting still in class, and she would often fidget with her hands. Catherine wanted to find a way to help her daughter focus, so she invented a spinning toy.

The toy was made of plastic and had two small bearings in the middle. When you spun it, it would spin for a long time. Catherine called it the “fidget spinner.”

Catherine patented the fidget spinner in 1993, but she couldn’t find a company to manufacture it. She eventually let the patent lapse, and the fidget spinner was forgotten for almost 20 years.

In 2017, the fidget spinner made a comeback. This time, it was a huge hit. People of all ages were using fidget spinners to help them focus, relieve stress, and just have fun.

Catherine Hettinger was finally able to sell her fidget spinner patent, and she made a lot of money. She used the money to start a foundation to help children with ADHD.

So there you have it. The fidget spinner was invented by a single mom who just wanted to help her daughter. It’s a funny story, but it’s also a story about how one person can make a difference.

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history of fidget toys

The origin story of fidget toys is a fascinating journey spanning different eras and cultures. Looking into the annals of history, we find a trail leading back to the Ming Dynasty in China, nearly 3,500 years ago. In a serene enclave named Baoding, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine ingeniously crafted Baoding balls. These intricate spheres served as a remedy to keep restless hands engaged, steering them away from mischief and concerns.

Fast-forwarding to more recent times, the name Catherine Hettinger often surfaces in discussions about the inception of fidget spinners. It was in 1993 that she conceptualized the spinning marvel. However, it’s important to recognize that the patent for the fidget spinner, originally held by Hettinger, lapsed in 2005. This has led to a spirited debate regarding her true role as the progenitor of this spinning sensation.

Around the year 2017, fidget spinners gained unprecedented popularity, though analogous contrivances had actually been conceived as far back as 1993. Remarkably, fidget toys, in varied guises, have traversed generations, being a trusted tool for parents to alleviate their children’s stress and amuse them for countless years.

It’s imperative to understand that the concept of fidgeting and the invention of fidget toys aren’t novel concepts. These ingenious devices have manifested in diverse forms across an array of cultures and geographies throughout history.

To sum up, attributing the invention of fidget toys to a solitary luminary is a complex endeavor. Their evolution is a tapestry woven over time, threaded through the ages with diverse variations. Catherine Hettinger is often linked with pioneering the fidget spinner, but this claim is encircled by contentious discussions.


Who is the creator of fidget spinners?

The creator of fidget spinners is Catherine Hettinger, a chemical engineer by training. She filed a patent for a “spinning toy” in 1993, but the patent lapsed in 2005 after she could not find a commercial partner.

Who was the creator of fidget spinners?

Catherine Hettinger is the creator of fidget spinners.

Who invented pop its?

The invention of pop its is credited to Theo and Ora Coster, a married couple who developed games. They invented pop its in 1975.

When was the fidget spinner invented?

The fidget spinner was invented by Catherine Hettinger in 1993.

When did fidget toys become popular?

Fidget toys became popular in 2017, although similar devices had been invented as early as 1993. The popularity of fidget spinners was largely due to social media trends, such as videos of people fidgeting with them.

Who invented fidget spinners?

There are two people who are credited with inventing fidget spinners: Catherine Hettinger and Scott McCoskery. Hettinger invented a fidget spinner in 1993 as a way to help her daughter with anxiety. McCoskery invented a similar toy in 2014, which he called the Torqbar. McCoskery’s toy became popular in 2017, and he is often credited with popularizing fidget spinners.

When were fidget toys invented?

The first fidget toys were invented in the early 1990s. Catherine Hettinger invented a fidget spinner in 1993, and Scott McCoskery invented a similar toy in 2014. However, fidget toys did not become popular until 2017.

Who invented pop its?

The inventor of pop its is unknown. Pop its are a relatively new fidget toy that first appeared in 2021. They are made of silicone and have small bubbles that can be popped. Pop its are often marketed as a way to relieve stress and anxiety.

when did fidget toys became popular?

Who Invented Fidget Toys Pop It?

The concept of fidget toys like the Pop It doesn’t have a single inventor. It’s a product of evolving ideas and needs across cultures and time.

Who Made Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys have historical roots in various cultures, including Baoding balls from China and other adaptations from around the world.

Who Made Fidget Toys Popular?

Fidget toys gained significant popularity in recent years, partly due to the trend of stress relief and sensory stimulation becoming more recognized and valued.

Who Made Up Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys, as a concept, have been shaped by collective creativity and innovation across different societies over centuries.

Who Invented the First Fidget Toy?

The invention of the first fidget toy isn’t attributed to a single individual. Various cultures contributed to the development of these engaging tools.

What Was the First Fidget Toy Made?

Baoding balls, crafted during the Ming Dynasty in China, can be considered among the earliest forms of fidget toys. These were designed for health and fidgeting hands.

When Did Fidget Spinners Become Popular?

Fidget spinners gained widespread popularity around 2017, capturing the attention of both young and adult populations.

Who Invented Fidget Spinners?

Catherine Hettinger is often associated with inventing the fidget spinner concept in 1993, although debates surround her role as the true originator.


Who invented fidget toys? It turns out that it was a single mom named Catherine Hettinger, who just wanted to help her daughter with ADHD. And who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll be the next person to invent something that changes the world.

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