You’ve got a squishy fidget toy. It’s soft, squishy, and oh-so-satisfying to squeeze. But after a while, it starts to get dirty. Maybe you dropped it in the dirt, or maybe your pet got ahold of it. Whatever the case may be, you need to clean it!

But how do you clean a squishy fidget toy without ruining it? Well, I’m here to tell you! It’s actually pretty easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill a sink or bucket with warm water.
  2. Add a few drops of mild dish soap.
  3. Gently submerge your squishy toy in the soapy water.
  4. Squeeze and rub the toy to loosen any dirt or grime.
  5. Rinse the toy thoroughly with clean water.
  6. Blot the toy dry with a clean towel.
  7. Sprinkle the toy with cornstarch or baby powder to prevent it from getting sticky.

That’s it! Your squishy fidget toy is now clean and ready to be played with again.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. ‘This sounds like a lot of work!’ But trust me, it’s worth it. A clean squishy fidget toy is a happy squishy fidget toy. And a happy squishy fidget toy is a happy you.

So go ahead and clean your squishy fidget toy today or giant water wiggler. Your hands will thank you, and your toy will be even more fun to play with.

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Another Comprehensive Guide: How to Clean Squishy Fidget Toys

Gentle Wiping with a Damp Cloth

Foam squishy toys and white fidget popper are beloved for their softness and satisfying squishiness. To clean them, prepare a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Immerse a clean cloth in the soapy water, ensuring it’s not too wet, and gently wipe the surface of the toy to remove dirt and grime. This method is particularly suitable for maintaining the integrity of delicate foam textures.

Handling Silicone Squishies

Silicone squishies offer a unique tactile experience and are relatively easy to clean. Research online tutorials, available on platforms like YouTube, to find specific instructions for washing silicone squishies. Generally, a simple wash with water and mild soap should suffice. Proper care ensures these squishies stay hygienic and enjoyable.

Reviving Mochi Squishies

Mochi squishies, with their pliable and stretchy texture, require special care. Begin by preparing a container of cold water mixed with a gentle dish soap. Submerge the mochi squishies in the soapy water and allow them to soak for about five minutes. After soaking, rinse the squishies thoroughly under clean water to remove any soap residue. This method revitalizes the squishies’ softness and cleanliness.

Thorough Cleaning with an Old Toothbrush

For a more thorough cleaning, especially for intricate designs, prepare a solution of equal parts rubbing alcohol and water. Gently scrub the surface of the squishy fidget toy using an old toothbrush dipped in the solution. This method effectively dislodges dirt and grime from hard-to-reach areas. After scrubbing, rinse the toy with water to remove any residue.

Machine Washing for Fabric Squishies

Certain dodecagon fidget cube and squishy toys, often made from fabric, may be suitable for machine washing. Select a gentle cycle or delicate setting on your washing machine, using cold water to prevent color fading. Add a small amount of mild laundry detergent before starting the wash. Once the cycle is complete, allow the toys to air dry completely before use.

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How to clean squishy mochi?

  1. Fill a sink or basin with warm water.
  2. Add a small amount of mild dish soap to the water.
  3. Gently submerge the squishy mochi in the water.
  4. Use your fingers to gently scrub the squishy mochi.
  5. Rinse the squishy mochi under clean water.
  6. Squeeze out excess water from the squishy mochi.
  7. Lay the squishy mochi flat to air dry.

What Is fidget meaning?

Fidgeting is the act of making small, repetitive movements with your body or hands. It can be caused by a variety of things, such as boredom, anxiety, or having excess energy.

What is the fidget definition?

Fidget is defined as moving about restlessly, nervously, or impatiently. It can also be used as a noun to refer to the act of fidgeting or to a person who fidgets a lot.

How to Make Squishy Fidget Toys?

Creating squishy fidget toys involves molding and shaping soft materials, often using silicone molds, foam, or fabric. Pour liquid silicone, foam mixture, or fabric fillings into molds, let them set, and then assemble the pieces. Customize with colors, scents, or textures before sealing.

How to Clean Fidget Toys?

To clean fidget toys, winkyswhimsies and mot rhythm slider wipe surfaces with a damp cloth or use a gentle solution of soap and water. For intricate designs, an old toothbrush with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water can be effective. Allow them to air dry thoroughly before using again.

How to Clean Squishy Toys?

For squishy toys, gently wipe surfaces with a damp cloth soaked in a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Avoid excessive moisture. For deep cleaning, try scrubbing with a toothbrush and a solution of rubbing alcohol and water, then rinse and air dry.

How to Wash Fidget Toys?

Washing fidget toys depends on the material. For fabric toys, use a gentle machine cycle with cold water and mild detergent, then air dry. Silicone toys can be washed with water and mild soap. Refer to manufacturer instructions for specific care.

How Do You Clean a Squishy Without Making It Sticky?

To prevent stickiness while cleaning squishies, use a damp cloth with a mild soap and water mixture. Avoid excessive moisture. For more thorough cleaning, consider using a toothbrush and a solution of rubbing alcohol and water, followed by rinsing and air drying.

How Do You Wash Fidgets?

Washing fidgets involves wiping with a damp cloth using a soap and water mixture. Delicate areas can be cleaned with a toothbrush and a solution of rubbing alcohol and water. Ensure proper drying before use.

How to Clean a Mochi Without Making It Sticky?

Clean a mochi by immersing it in cold water with a small amount of gentle dish soap. Let it soak for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly under clean water. Allow the mochi to air dry completely before use.

How to Clean Sticky Toys?

For sticky toys, clean with a damp cloth and mild soap solution. If the stickiness persists, use a toothbrush and a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water for thorough cleaning. Rinse and ensure proper drying.

How to Clean a Squishy Stress Ball?

To clean a squishy stress ball, wipe its surface gently with a damp cloth and mild soap solution. For a more in-depth cleaning, scrub with a toothbrush and a solution of rubbing alcohol and water. Rinse well and air dry before use.


That’s how you clean a squishy fidget toy. It’s really not that hard, and it’s important to do it regularly so that your toys stay clean and free of germs. And remember, if you follow these steps, your squishy fidget toys will last for years to come.

But wait, there’s one more thing! I’ve got a little secret for you. If you want your squishy fidget toys to smell extra nice, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the soapy water when you’re washing them. I like to use lavender essential oil, but you can use whatever scent you like. Just be sure to use a mild oil, and don’t add too much, or your toy might get greasy.

So there you have it! My foolproof guide to cleaning squishy fidget toys. Now go forth and enjoy your clean, fresh-smelling toys!

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