Fidget Toys for Anxiety

It is now scientifically proven that fidget toys are capable of easing the anxiety of a person. Many fidget toys are designed in such a way that it helps to remove anxiety and stress from the sufferer’s mind. If one is suffering from anxiety, he or she can use the fidget toys that are mentioned below. These are the best 5 fidget toys for anxiety.

Why use fidget toys for anxiety?

You might be asking, why would I walk around with toys as an adult to try and combat anxiety. To some it might seem stupid, but when you know the reasoning behind it, it will all make sense. There is science behind it. It has been proven to help people with various burdens in a variety of ways. The fidget toy is a great self-regulation tool. Fidgeting can combat stress, help with anger management and as stated above, aid you in the battle against anxiety.

It is common to feel fidgety when anxious or nervous. You could could be nervous before an exam or a big speech. Literally anything that could make you anxious could trigger these symptoms. Now, these handy little tools can help you combat exactly this. It is a physical way of staying in control over your mental state. Or at least the physical symptoms that occur thus reducing the overall influence of the anxiety. So all in all, fidget toys for anxiety is a great idea. If you often feel tense, you definitely should try out one of the 5 cool fidget toys for anxiety below.


Fidget Cube

FabQuality Fidget Cube


Twiddling-centric features – This cube is designed in such a way that it could adjust itself according to the needs of the individual. The fidget mechanisms of the cube are self-adjustable. A number of thumb twiddlers at the center are quite capable of satisfying the fidgeting needs of the individual.

There is also spin and glide feature included within the cube.The spin feature is just an alternative of thumb twiddler while the glide feature gives a full range of motion and is used as a joy stick.

Clicker features: This is an additional feature of the cube. This is especially designed for the ones who enjoy that clicking sound. There are many people who love to click pens. This feature satisfies their needs.

Flicker features: While enjoying the clicking sounds one can also smell satisfaction by this flicking feature. It is designed for flickers.

Worry Stone:  The worry stone within the cube encourages the proper breathing of an individual. It is used in many fidget toys.

Pros of Fidget Cube

  • Relieves stress and anxiety.
  • A free eBook is provided
  • One can easily carry and store this cube


There is a problem with the functioning of the joystick of the cube.

The Fidget Cube can be bought here.



Fidget Stretch Toys

Fidget Stretch Toys


Flexibility – This colorful sensory toy is extremely flexible and is designed to be twisted and stretched. It is an ideal toy for the ones who have a great desire for hand movement.

Colorful- As this toy comes in many different colors, children love to play with this. In fact, many adults are also mad for it because of its vibrant colors.

Nontoxic materials: There is no latex in this toy and toxic ingredients are not used in the making of this toy.

Silent: The best part of this toy is that it does not produce any kind of sound. Thus, it doesn’t attract the unwanted attention.

Durable – the toy is washable and is durable (will last for a long time).


  • Stretchable
  • Flexible
  • Colorful
  • It is washable
  • Does not produce unwanted noise
  • Hypoallergenic


As the toy is silent so it cannot provide audial satisfaction to the ones who love fidgeting with sound.

 The Fidget Stretch Toys can be purchased through this link.



Infinity Fidget Ball

Infinity Fidget Ball


Continuously in motion: The ones who don’t want their toys to rest, infinity fidget ball is for them. The infinite endless loop gives a never ending motion. This can also be used for meditation purposes.

Anodized aluminium: The infinity fidget ball is made up of anodized aluminium. Therefore, it is durable. The anodized aluminium provides continuous motion to it.

Improves dexterity: the toy improves finger dexterity and thus is a terrific exercise for the ones who plays musical instruments. It is also helpful for sculptors and other people who used their fingers for working.

The fidget ball is one of the more unique fidget toys for anxiety. It might not be for everyone but can certainly become a great help for some individuals.


  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improves dexterity
  • Silent
  • Excellent construction
  • Compact in nature


The small size of the ball makes it difficult to keep. It can be easily lost.

You can buy this fidget toy here.



Fidget Spinner

Fidget toys for anxiety


Ceramic Technology: The fidget spinner is durable and also stronger than ball bearings made of steel.

Finger spinning: Many fidgeters will love to spin this between their fingers.

Compact: The fidget spinner can be easily carried in the hands. This enables the fidgeter to take it everywhere.

When it comes to fidget toys for anxiety, the fidget spinner is probably one of the most popular options.


  • Made using ceramic technology
  • Can be easily carried
  • TSA friendly
  • Does not produce sounds


The fidget is needed to be broken.

You can buy this specific fidget spinner here.



Spiky Sensory Rings

Spiky Sensory Rings


Thermoplastic construction-  The ring is hypoallergenic and is free of latex. No toxic agents are used in the making of the ring.

Silent – One can use it without drawing unwanted attention and without disturbing others.

Colors – Children are mad for it because of its bright colors, which makes this the perfect toy for your child.

The spiky sensory ring is one of the best fidget toys for anxiety in children, so if your child suffers, help it out with one of these things.


  • Wrist sized
  • Silent
  • Free of latex
  • No toxic material is used


The finger sized rings are more visually discreet.

The toy can be purchased on Amazon through this link.