Fidget Toys for ADHD

Fidgeting is a common act in each of us and it’s good. Being nervous is okay, great things don’t come from comfort zones! We are active people! Fidgeting is making small movements, usually with your legs or hands, as signs of nervousness or impatience and fidget tools are simply concentration tools. For those of us with ADHD, it can be harder to tackle the symptoms of fidgeting. Therefore, fidget toys for ADHD has proven themselves very useful. In this article we will describe why and how these toys can aid us to relief.

Fidget Toys for ADHD

Different fidgeting habits

Different people have different habits. Some play with the pen while they are listening or talking to someone, some bite their nails, some put the end of their collar in the mouth, some chew the end of a pen or a pencil, some play with their bracelet, chain, hair, ears, anything. There are plenty. Sometimes it gets really annoying. Not only to you, but also to the folks around you.

I have a habit of tapping my leg while I am nervous or when I want to pee urgently, that is, I am impatient. While I study or when I am engrossed in a book, I have this weird habit of rolling the corner of the page. I don’t even realize it! It’s only after my mom’s scolds me to stop fidgeting. You are folding the pages!

Target Audience for Fidget toys

Fidget toys are really useful for ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and autistic kids. ADHD is a lifelong condition found in children where they cannot concentrate on one thing while doing another, they are impulsive and hyperactive.

Some adults prevent eye-contact and get addicted to smoking etc.

Some teenagers drink water after every five minutes or they keep scribbling behind their notebooks, keep sharpening their pencils to distract the class. This hinders their learning ability and overall productivity.

What are Fidget toys for ADHD?

We all daydream, we get lost in our thoughts or we are impatient. We all have sat on the last bench and ate snacks, texted while the teacher was teaching or copied an assignment on another subject. This is called multitasking which is impossible for ADHD kids and the primary difference between us and them.

They have an attention problem. These kids are unable to complete their exam maybe because they get distracted by the person sitting in front of them, were looking outside the window or chewing the pen. They are restless.

Fidget toys for ADHD are tools which help in focusing, calming, absorbing and self-control. They are available in different sizes, colors and textures. Parents usually prefer Fidget toys for ADHD, which are not so expensive, silent, small for a classroom, not distractive and not harmful.

There are these amazing Fidget toys for ADHD in the market that can help you anytime, anywhere! Your kid is extra special, so here we present some outstanding Fidget toys for ADHD!

Calming Fidgets

Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners are great for hands and easy to use. You have to hold it in one hand and spin it rapidly and then stop it with the fingers of the your other hand. It is effective for de-stressing, while you are in a deep thought or to kill time.

Fidget Pens

Fidget pens are specially designed for those with that extra energy! They are funky and textured, amazing to feel. They calm you down, reduce stress and anxiety and help your brain to focus and keep attention in the class. The fidget pens can be used by students, teachers, in an office, doctor’s cabin etc.

Fidget Pen

Desk toys

Fidget Dice

A fidget dice usually is made of plastic, a desk toy which keeps you focused. It has twelve sides and can be a good gift for your friend who cannot keep his/her fingers still.

fidget dice

Resistance Fidgets


They are balls which are squeezed and released to go back into the original form. It improves the blood circulation to your hand, helps in releasing tension, and calms you.

Alert Fidget

Snap and click puzzles

They bring coordination between your eyes and your hand. You can manipulate them into different shapes, increasing your focus and problem solving skills. It is targeted to creative or engineering kids. They activate their motor skills.

Mouth Chewy Fidgets

Mouth Chewy Fidgets are basically gums which can be chewed to improve your concentration. It centralizes your thoughts and helps in decision making. One should talk about it with the teachers to allow your child to chew gum in a lecture or in an exam hall.

Mouth Chewy Fidget

There are chewable bracelets, pencils, rubbers, pencil tops available which are approved by the dentist and are not harmful, effective and give better results.

Chewable fidget toys for ADHD should be prescribed by your dentist for finding the best fit.

Studies on Fidget Toys for ADHD

According to a case study research, when fidgets were introduced in a classroom of sixth graders, the learning skills of the students enhanced because of the sensory input and movement while learning.

There was a positive effect with the scholastic achievement graph increasing by 10% after the introduction of fidget toys.


You can find fidgets online on Amazon. They are affordable, engaging and appealing to all age groups, from kids to adults.

Buying online is convenient. You can find Fidget toys for ADHD, toys for adults, for autistic children etc.


You are lucky to become a special family of a special child! The first toy that a child needs is you, who gets down on the floor to play with him/her. Be hopeful and be the support system of your child.

We know you are hunting for a treasure of Fidget toys for ADHD. Trust us, they are worth your money and they will give you positive results.

We know that it is like a war where you have to struggle to keep your child’s symptoms in control. Take this helping hand. We understand you. We are proud of you. Happy Fidgeting!

Below are some of the best Fidget Toys for ADHD. You can buy them on Amazon below or through this link.