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Fidget Pencil Toppers for ADHD & Autism in the Classroom
May 15, 2017

Fidget Bracelet for ADD, ADHD, Stress, Anxiety & Autism

Fidgeto Sensory Fidget Bracelet

A Fidget bracelet is known to give relief of some where real symptoms both for children and adults. A fidget bracelet can really combat the symptoms of diagnoses such as ADD, ADHD, stress, anxiety and autism. It is very common that we as humans like fiddling with everything around us. Some of us more than others. There are those of us who simply cannot keep our fingers to ourselves. Then there are those who struggle with some kind of diagnosis like ADHD or autism. For these individuals, fidget toys can act as a great tool to calm down symptoms. A person with autism will enjoy the repetitive tasks and the physical satisfaction of fiddling with the bracelet. An ADHD patient will be able to put the focus on the calming bracelet.

Fidget Bracelet for Memory and Focus

Fidget toys in general have been proven to improve both memory and focus. Several studies have been conducted in which school children were using fidget toys during class. The test results showed that the children who were fidgeting during class had better focus, learnt faster and had improved memory. You will have a fidget bracelet with you throughout the entire day, always around your arm. You will have something to calm yourself with.

The best Fidget Bracelet

We have looked around to see which was the ideal bracelet. This Fidgeto Sensory Bracelet is what we came across.

Fidgeto Sensory Fidget Bracelet

The wristband is cheap and can be ordered directly from Amazon and be shipped globally.

So why this toy?

First of all, design-wise it looks very clean. You can get various brown and tan colours so it will look very discrete. In case you do not care about discretion at all, you can also go for the rainbow version. It comes in made in two sizes. One for children and women. One for adult men and people who generally has large wrists. This bracelet will satisfy all your fidgeting needs and you will not have to carry it around all day since it’s already on your wrist. Some schools do not allow the popular fidget spinners and therefore these fidget bracelets are a more disrete solution.

You can buy the bracelet directly from Amazon here: