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Best Fidget Toys for Kids

best fidget toys for kids

The people of this generation have many problems, among which one of the major issues is stress and hypertension, that is somewhere the result of these problems only.  Even kids are not excluded from it. Exams, home works, sports, tuitions, extracurricular activities and many more things collectively build a huge amount of stress upon them, which eventually results in the problem of anxiety. Although we can not do anything to lessen their burden as these are only the foundation of their future and career. But there is something that can lower the pressure and stress they are going through. These are nothing  but Fidget toys for kids.

best fidget toys for kids

What are Fidget Toys and Why are They used

Fidget toys are toys for adults as well as for the kids to play with, when they are suffering from huge amount of anxiety and stress to lower their pressure. As the name suggests, these are small toys that are played by moving fingers in fidget motion.

Fidget toys not only helps you just to reduce the stress by keeping your fidgeting fingers busy, but also to increase your concentration and focusing power, your active listening and calms you down, when you are high. They also help in growing the tactual strength of your palm and fingers and acts as a warm up for your fingers.

There are many fidget toys for kids available in the market. Some of fidgets toys are klicks, stress balls, touch freely tactile fidgets, fidget spinners  etc. These toys help you to keep your feet and figures busy, letting your mind concentrate on your work.

How Fidget Toys work?

Fidget toys keeps your movements controlled while learning. Researchers have found that movements are essential for effective learning. It makes learner utilize his both, right and left hemisphere of the brain. Fidgets redirect a person’s fidget movement like tapping foot to movements that help them to concentrate.

Fidgets are available in different shape, size and color and in affordable range of prices. Most popular fidget toys is fidget spinners, these noiseless spinners are typically a ball bearing device attached with two or more propellers with low friction allowing them to spin in a circular motion when force is applied.

However, ‘one size fits all’ phase doesn’t work here. You need to find the toy of your interest that fulfills your sensory need. People oftenly try to touch things, start making tapping noises, etc. in anxiety. We do this to meet our sensory need, but this eventually results in loss of concentration.

Types of Fidget Toys for Kids

One needs to find a fidget that meets his sensory need. As with this, the movement caused by anxiety  is redirected to something calming, and relaxing, hence in place of losing the focus, a person gains it.

There are variety of Fidgets available that meets different neural requirements of kids to make them concentrate better on their studies as well as other activities. Some of them are

  • First one is Calming Fidgets. Calming fidgets are best for kids who need help to settle down themselves to sustain their attention, they can bend these fidget toys for kids, twist them or mold them into balls.
  • Second is Alerting Fidgets. These are useful for kids who need a little noise, light or something specific to gain attention. Alerting fidgets are best to stimulate and alert them and bring the focus back to their work.
  • Third one is Chewing Fidgets. We often see children chewing pencils and pen in class, Chewy fidgets are best suited for these type of kids, who gain attention better when their mouth is occupied with something.
  • Forth is Resistance Fidgets. These are for kids who concentrate better when their hands are busy in pulling, pushing or squeezing things.
  • And fifth one is Tactile fidgets. These are for kids who focus better when they touch and feel different type of textures, something that’s hairy, sticky, slimy, tacky might help them concentrate better.

Buying a Fidget Toy

All these above mentioned fidgets are easily available in the market as well as online at very affordable price. A person just needs to know his child’s need to select a suitable one for him. Fidget toys for kids are excellent stress relieving tools, that in complimentary gives you better focus and concentration.

Below you can find some of the best fidget toys for kids. Alternately, you can follow this link to Amazon.